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SEO What?

SEO, What?? It’s amazing to us that so many companies are still missing the mark when it comes to search engine optimization as a vehicle for generating leads. This is the most important guerrilla marketing technique that any company can be using in today’s day and age in order to generate more business for itself, […]

The Anatomy of a Top Web Design

With technological advances accessible to all, creating a web presence is easy and within reach. But with the countless websites that compete with one another for traffic, a website’s chance of success will depend on the degree of creativity and professionalism of its web design. Here is an anatomy of a top web design: 1. […]

How to Integrate Social Media Into Non-Profit Businesses

No matter if you are a business, non-profit or individual, social media is a must for survival. Many organizations want to be on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, but aren’t certain where to begin. Here are a few easy steps to take to get started: Choose a social media coordinator. Organizations should have one […]

Online Web Design for Beginners

Beginner Online Web Design Being a web designer could be a great way to make lots of money from the comfort of your own home. Of course, you will have to undergo training through a school, but that shouldn’t be a big deal if you want to make this your entire business. Undergoing online web […]

New Security Technology – Security Cameras

CAMERA TECHNOLOGY MUST BE UNDERSTOOD TO PREDICT CAMERA QUALITY! Camera technology is constantly changing and if you don’t understand the technology used in your camera then you won’t know what you’re getting until its too late! Many cameras use the same body, but may use very different technology for different quality cameras. The old adage […]

5 SEO Myths Busted

Want your website to be listed higher in the search engine ranking results? Unless your site is already sitting in the number one spot, I’m sure the answer is yes – who wouldn’t want that? But Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complicated process, and there is so much mis-information and bad advice floating around, […]

Choosing an SEO Company

In today’s society, many businesses are beginning to consider outsourcing as a way to save money and stay competitive. The problem is that many businesses do not know exactly what work can be outsourced and how it will affect their current employees. In most cases, outsourcing some projects, especially those outside the business’s niche, can […]

Latest Tips on Web Design for 2013

The immense popularity of mobile web brought a number of changes in 2012. The need of having a mobile-friendly website design was realised by most of the web design industry across the world. It is because of this trend that several new trends came into prominence, such as responsive web design, web applications, dedicated mobile […]

7 Free Social Media Marketing Tools (That Shouldn’t Be Free)

The  social   media  marketing niche is full of hype pipers and hope dopes. Everyday I get a “product launch” email touting the latest WordPress plugin, software app or marketing system, promising BIG traffic or quit-your-day-job ROI. If you have been around (the internet marketing scene) for even a few months you’ll know just what I […]

SEO Is Really Beneficial For a Small Business

Any small business can take help of SEO – search engine optimization, and benefit from it. Whenever a small business is looking to grow and increase its sales and revenues or just trying hard to survive in the turbulent economy there is no better way compared to SEO. SEO helps search engines to find a […]