Daily Archives: October 9, 2017

Nail Design Shop – Your Nails Are Safe Now

From the very old point of time, those were seriously neglected and the eyes, skin, outfits and ornaments were the main factors which were accepted as the major grooming materials and techniques. If you look around, you can very well discover that the nails were only taken into fashion with the single colored nail paints […]

New Trademark Rules, 2017: The 10 Most Notable Changes

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry of the Government of India has recently updated the Trademark rules. The new Trademark Rules, 2017 came into effect via a Govt. notification on March 6th and will replace the Trademark rules, 2002. Among the notable changes made, the process of filing for a trademark has been simplified but […]

Rostow’s Stages of Growth Model (For College Students)

Main points of Rostow’s stages of growth model: -Rostow’s stages of growth model is of the Neo-Classical tradition. -The model takes a linear view of development, this means that countries are believed to develop in the same way over time. -It is a structuralist model, it analyses development as the result of complex interactions between […]

Finding Expert Help For Technical Website Problems!

As website creation becomes more and more complex due to all that is expected of them, that also leaves a greater potential for problems during the process. As a means for uncovering such difficulties or reworking features that are not working properly, it is important to understand the complexities of the site-building and optimization process […]