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What Is Web Content Caching?

Have you ever gone to Google, searched something, and seen the little “Cached” word in blue next to the link? Well, that has to do with content web caching. Web content cache is a feature that isn’t really part of a network, or part of an application. Rather, it sits between those two. To understand […]

Guide to SEO – Search Engine Optimisation for Businesses

Overview Search engine optimisation is something of a Holy Grail for web marketing – but despite what you might hear from any number of too-good-to-be-true SEO companies, there is no Da Vinci Code-style cipher that can be broken to lead you to the top of the Google rankings and on to your cyber-millions. In many […]

Digital Technology Creates New Demand in Printing Services for the Home

Advances in digital printing technology have created a new and growing market for commercial printers, namely printing services for the home. Digital printing offers low set up costs and fast turnaround. This means that printing companies are no longer restricted to high volume commercial printing but can now supply the needs of the domestic printing […]

How to Make Money at Home – Here’s 3 Ways

If you’re trying to figure out how to make money at home from offline local businesses, then you can do internet marketing consultation and take your services online. What you need are your skills in marketing and a business model for offline consulting. Offline businesses usually manage their own websites, but unfortunately are not very […]

New Condos – Impact of Internet Marketing & Technology

More and more diverse segments of the population are discovering that the Internet has an ocean of information, and home buyers took advantage of websites like New Condos online every day. Below are some important facts related to the positive impact of technology in the real estate sector: Home buyers who use the Internet as […]

Web 2.0 And Demolition of Print Media

Web 2.0 is an open source for all netizens to exercise their democratic rights without misuse. To me, the constitution of web 2.0 reads, ‘We, the people of e-space, having solemnly resolved to constitute the cyber world into sovereign, secular, democratic, republic, and to secure to all its netizens” In plain, web 2.0 is a […]

5 Tips for the Best Law Firm Logo

What does your law firm logo suggest to your potential clients? You only have one chance to make a first impression. Upon meeting a new or prospective client and exchanging business cards, the client will get an impression of your firm based on the law firm logo alone. So, what does your logo say about […]

Finding Expert Help For Technical Website Problems!

As website creation becomes more and more complex due to all that is expected of them, that also leaves a greater potential for problems during the process. As a means for uncovering such difficulties or reworking features that are not working properly, it is important to understand the complexities of the site-building and optimization process […]

PHP Development A Prominent Web Development Solution

PHP development, based on the open source scripting language PHP (Hypertext Processor) is the most widely used scripting language for the development of dynamic web pages and web-based applications, encompassing the desideratum of entire web development spectrum. Originated in 1995, almost over 15 years ago it serves as a core part of open source technologies […]