Monthly Archives: June 2017

Titanfall Review

Microsoft has to be feeling a little bit nervous right now. The Xbox One is absolutely getting decimated by Sony’s PlayStation 4. In order to stay in the console race with the new generation, Microsoft needs a killer app, or another Halo-like hit. It seems they’ve hit gold with Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall. After playing the […]

How A Website Affects Your Business

What do you mean by a website? Basically, in its bare form, a website is a combination of various web pages that consists of the information regarding any topic in the form of imagery, text, videos and much more. By now, we all should be well-versed but unfortunately, we all don’t know about the benefits […]

Using Social Media As a Marketing Tool – Systematically

We all know Twitter, Google and Facebook by now. But when you hear every day how people are using social media as a marketing tool, and especially the Google / Facebook / Twitter triad, what does it mean? What do these services tangibly deliver to your small business? What are the things you can do […]

5 Best Android Apps for Graphic Designers

For designers from all walks of life, mobile phones and even tablets are becoming useful and personal tools to excel in their field of creativity. Most of the phones whether it be low-budget or high-end flagships, they run on android as it is the most popular mobile platform in the world. Basically, android apps make […]

Gallica Roses

Very soon stocks of new season’s roses will be arriving in the garden centres, if they’re not already there. Indeed, to be sure of getting the most sought after varieties it may have been necessary to put an order in some time ago. However, in their rush for the new, those who are slaves to […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Getting Urgent Website Design Done

A website has to be thoroughly planned; content and media aggregated which take time, However sometimes you may not have the liberty to plan things over time. This article tries to point a few tips to keep mind when you have to hurry through the web design cycle. Decide the number of pages you will […]

Rape, Rape Everywhere

A young lady was recently raped to an unconscious state by four men. The lady, who is still in her twenties, boarded a taxi cab to her residence but was diverted to another street by the driver with other four ‘passengers’, who threatened to stab her if she resisted. They took her to an uncompleted […]