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What Does SEO Mean?

This is for all you newbie’s who have heard the phrase SEO and wondering what on earth it is all about and what it actually means. SEO is a shortened phrase for search engine optimization. This is a process that is used to make a site optimized for search engines such as Google, aol and […]

Top 10 Web Design Schools in Canada

There are many web design schools in Canada that offer a promising career for hopefuls looking to get into the design industry. Web design is still a pretty new subject in terms of education and it can be difficult to understand what the different is between a “good” program and a “bad” one. The field […]

Master Organic Traffic With an SEO Course

It can be easy to attract people to your website if you make your way through a good SEO course. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the collection of techniques people use to get big search engines like Google to rank their website near the top of search results. The huge advantage of being good at […]

Thinking About Your Web Design

The Internet is the place to find all you need whether it is big or small and with so much competition online your design has to be creative and user friendly. it involves a lot of planning and implementation of creative ideas, a good Designer will have plenty of knowledge and ideas that will give […]

5 Strategies for Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is very important to online marketers. Your success with SEO can determine how much money you will make online. Your web site can rank higher in the search engine results if you employ the correct SEO strategies. The higher your web site is displayed in the search engine results, the more […]

Turning the Tide With New Technology

There are two sorts of people in this life – those that love  new   technology  and those that loathe it. You can’t be someone who doesn’t mind it, who just dabbles with it, you can either do it or you can’t. In fact, there’s even a name – technophobic – for those who have a […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of SEO

Main advantages of SEO. Research shows that some researchers never click on the sponsored listings and others don’t realize that these links are paid for. Approximately 80% of clicks are on natural listings and 20% on paid listings. A principal benefit of SEO is its cost-effectiveness as there is no payment to the search engine […]

Facts About Web Design

 Web   design  is the art of developing presentations of content that is eventually delivered to end user via the World Wide Web. The presentations are usually in the form of hypertext or hypermedia and are transmitted to the World Wide Web with aid of a web browser or any other software that that is compatible […]