Social Media

10 Ways to Screw Up Your Social Media Messages

Just like the telephone, television and the world wide web,  social   media  is clearly a real medium for communication. Alone, it is not the silver bullet to solve all our business and advertising woes. However, it is important for business and careers when used correctly and as part of a full, broad communication plan. There […]

StumbleUpon – Social Media Power

There is no way to be successful in internet marketing and not take advantage of some of the newest programs and services that are actually designed for internet entrepreneurs like you. As a matter of fact, when you look at some of these top services, you can see that they actually cater to you. It […]

The Habits That Make You A Social Media Narcissist

It is very hard for us to stay away from  social   media  today. Everyone with an Internet access has an account on at least one of the popular social networking sites. But why are these sites so popular? It is because  social   media  now offers us ways to connect and have fun like it never […]

How to Integrate Social Media Into Non-Profit Businesses

No matter if you are a business, non-profit or individual, social media is a must for survival. Many organizations want to be on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, but aren’t certain where to begin. Here are a few easy steps to take to get started: Choose a social media coordinator. Organizations should have one […]

7 Free Social Media Marketing Tools (That Shouldn’t Be Free)

The  social   media  marketing niche is full of hype pipers and hope dopes. Everyday I get a “product launch” email touting the latest WordPress plugin, software app or marketing system, promising BIG traffic or quit-your-day-job ROI. If you have been around (the internet marketing scene) for even a few months you’ll know just what I […]

Use Of Social Media For Social Events

The use of  Social   Media  as a tool for marketing and awareness campaigns is getting more and more popular. The first reason for that could be that it is way cheaper than any other form of marketing. With the inception of  social   media  networks in our lives, this medium of communication has taken the world […]

Top Social Media Sites You Might Be Missing

Over the past five years, social media revolution has just vibrated the web 2.0. With the release of different social media sites, World Wide Web has become a hub of millions of people. However, in order to keep pace with modern world where people love spending most of their time on social media sites, you […]

Is Social Media A Useful Disaster Recovery Tool?

The human and financial cost of natural disasters is untold as the true devastation of events such as hurricanes and earthquakes can go on for many years after the initial destruction, just look at Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans for proof of the longevity of such damage. However, it is often in the build up, […]

Social Media for Business Marketing

 Social   media  helps you to: Identify your customer requirements Tailor products to your customers needs Use highly targeted marketing. Bring in new customers. What is  Social   Media ?  Social  marketing uses  media  that can be created by any person and shared freely by other people through the interactions of people.  Social   media  uses primarily Internet based […]

Understanding How Social Media Marketing Works

Designing and building a social media campaign that’s successful is a bit like designing and building a high-rise. First, you need to research your material, then you need to put down a solid foundation, and then you need to continue with regular maintenance to ensure your online promotion is a success. The Proper Building Blocks […]